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Kokopelli Technologies Home Semen Analysis Supplies

I would put more faith in a doing my own analysis using a microscope than in the home fertility tests.

Jessica F.

I'm due in June! We're shocked, and elated. We really feel like being able to see for ourselves how his count was and experiment with timing helped us to not give up and play our cards right! Believe it or not, his count was way better after only abstaining 24-36 hours, 48 at the most- It plummeted after that! Thanks again for your products!

R. H.

Child's foot

Kokopelli Technologies has been providing microscopes and supplies to enable our customers to do professional quality sperm counts and semen analysis at home since 2005.

When doing semen analysis it is essential to have a microscope of sufficient quality to allow you to see the sperm clearly. We offer high quality microscopes from National Optical and we point you to Amazon or other suppliers so you can easily find the supplies you need to do your own semen analysis at home. Check out our semen analysis supplies page. We provide instructions so you can quickly become proficient at doing your own sperm count and semen analysis.

Micra Semen analysis microscopeWe also recommend that you check out the Micra. The Micra is a high quality, inexpensive microscope for doing semen analysis. The recently re-written instructions make this an excellent choice for doing your own semen analysis at home.

SpermCheck sperm count test

Another option is the SpermCheck Fertility Test. This is a quick, easy to use, and inexpensive way determine if your sperm count is in the normal range.