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Comparison of Male Fertility Testing Products

Men are finally getting the recognition they deserve. When we opened Kokopelli Technologies the only Do-It-Yourself Male Fertility Test Kits were the BabyStart (formerly FertilMarq, now SpermCheck Fertility Test) and Kokopelli Technologies' Home Semen Analysis Kits. Since then three more have reached the market. With so many choices out there it is hard to know where to start. To help clear the fog Kokopelli Technologies presents our subjective comparison of the available tests. Do not miss the discussion of each kit at the bottom of this page.


How Does it Work?

Number of Tests per Kit

Sperm Count

Sperm Motility

Sperm Morph-

Semen Volume

Total sperm per sample


SpermCheck Male Fertility Test SpermCheck Male Test Color change 1 Above or below 20 million/mL No No No No <$40.00


Male Fertility Test
Also includes Female Ovarian Reserve Test

Color change 1 ea. Above or below 10 million motile sperm per mL Above or below 10 million motile sperm per mL No No No $89.95
Micra Male Fertility Test Microscope Micra Microscope 2 to 10 Excellent Good Fair Yes Yes <$80.00

Kokopelli Technologies

Standard Home Semen Analysis Kit with Microscope Microscope Many Excellent Excellent Excellent Yes Yes $139.95 to $599.95

Plasma Sperm Microscope Plasma Sperm Microscope discussion

Plasma Sperm Microscope 10 No Very Poor Very Poor No No $128.00

SpermCheck - The SpermCheck male test kit is a simple, inexpensive way to get a quick sense of male fertility. It is designed to determine if the sample contains more than 20 million sperm per milliliter. You cannot determine anything about motility or morphology with the SpermCheck kit. It is designed to be an initial screening test. Frankly, this test gets mixed reviews. Some people love it because it is easy to use and inexpensive. Others hate it because they find it easy to ruin the test by making a mistake and they find the color change difficult to interpret. I hesitate to recommend it because if you have good counts but poor motility you will not know that you have poor motility when you use this test. However, it is your cheapest, easiest first step.

Fertell- This test is not longer available. The Fertell test kit included both a male and a female fertility test. The female test measured the level of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) in urine. FSH is an indicator of Ovarian Reserve, a measure of the age of your ovaries and their ability to respond to FSH in order to produce eggs capable of fertilization.
The really unique thing about Fertell was the male test. The male fertility test determined if the concentration of progressively motile sperm was greater than 10 million/mL. This is the cutoff level for normal fertility as suggested by the World Health Organization.
For sperm to fertilize an egg they must be healthy and swimming well. In the Fertell test the sperm had to swim through a chemical solution that mimics cervical fluid before they were counted. The sperm that made it through this solution were colored red and formed a line. Even a faint red line meant that there were more than 10 million motile sperm per milliliter.

Micra- The Micra is small, 200 power microscope. For its size the microscope works well. It is well designed and the lenses are of surprisingly good quality for such an inexpensive microscope. The illumination is good. Unlike many inexpensive microscopes you can clearly see sperm with the Micra. The directions are a bit brief, however, they have recently been rewritten and are completely adequate. The directions guide you through evaluating liquefaction, semen volume, sperm motility, and sperm count.

The directions do not cover evaluating morphology. Bare in mind that the sperm look pretty small when viewed at 200X. This is why we rated the Micra as fair for morphology.
We said above that the kit would do 2 to 10 tests. The kit includes two sample "trays," two bottles diluent, two reusable polycarbonate slides, and 10 cover slips.
Kokopelli Technologies Home Semen Analysis Kits- Kokopelli Technologies' kits are not available while we revise our product line. Kokopelli Technologies' kits were designed for couples where the man is doing something to improve his fertility and wishes to observe changes over time. The kits were designed for couples who wanted to be truly proficient at doing professional quality semen analysis in their own home.
Kokopelli Technologies' kits included a high quality microscope, all the supplies you will needed, and comprehensive instructions so you could confidently do your own semen analysis at home. Kokopelli Technologies' Standard Home Semen Analysis Kit included a prepared slide of stained human sperm so you could become proficient with a microscope before you collected a sample. The kit also included a bottle of Sperm Sized Spheres containing 20 million spheres per mL. This solution was used to test your ability to count sperm so you would have confidence in your technique. The kit also included Standard Depth Slides. These slides have a fixed sample depth so you would get accurate sperm counts.

Watch this site for our revised kits. In the mean time please accept our apologies.

Plasma Sperm- The Plasma Sperm microscope is sold by Kanojotoys, a Japanese company that specializes in sex toys. You can order it from Japan online. The $128 price includes shipping to the US. We found it to be a complete waste of money. The instructions are entirely in Japanese. The microscope has 100, 600, and 1200 power. We tested it using our Stained Sperm Slide. We could just make out the stained sperm using 100X. We could not see anything, except optical imperfections, at either 600X or 1200X.